Fall 2009

Ways of Knowing: Perspectives in Youth Development - SW775.15 (Fall, 2009)

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Using two or more of the readings from the course, and your own professional experiences, write a reflection paper based on one of the classes during the semester.  In a youth development context, discuss what was your best learning from that class and sum up your experience in the Ways of Knowing class.  5- 7 pages, double spaced, word processed, and emailed to instructors, use APA style for references.

Syllabi - Joan Morse, LCSW & Gerald P. Mallon, D.S.W.
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Syllabi - Mike Texeira & Melissa Rivera
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Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools

Ways of Knowing Articles 1

Ways of Knowing Articles 2

What is the World Café?

Appreciative Inquiry

Represent Magazine

Youth Development Class Materials Sessions 1-4

Perspectives in Youth Development

Achieve Boston

Community Youth Development

Session Six - Guest Speaker Julia Bator (10-06-09)

Youth Development Class Materials Sessions 7 (10-13-09)

Readings and Resources

The Asset Checklist

Youth Development Class Materials Sessions 8 (10-20-09)

Reading:  Chapters 5 - 7 in the Delgado Book

Youth Development Class Materials Sessions 9 (10-27-09)

Engaging Youth A How-To Guide for Creating Opportunities for Young People to Participate, Lead and Succeed

Engaging Youth in Community Change

LEARNING BY DOING: Engaging Youth in Civic Activities and Community Service

Back to the Future: Engaging Older Youth

Youth Development Class Materials Sessions 10-12 (Nov 10, 17, 24, 2009)

Youth/Adult Partnership Resources

Topic: Youth/Adult Partnerships - Readings

Youth Development Readings and Resources Sessions 13 -14 December 1 and 8th